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Purchasing a SIM card in Korea is a great option. It will give you easy and convenient access to the internet without the hassle of trying to find free WiFi. Free WiFi can often have dubious security, plus finding and logging in to each WiFi hotspot can be painful. Google Maps has pretty limited usefulness in South Korea. Check out our article on the best apps to load onto your phone for your trip to South Korea.

I have done the research to help you find the best SIM card in Korea for your visit with options to pick up your SIM card from various locations throughout South Korea.

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This article will help you quickly decide which SIM card option will suit you best. Before I get into the details, a key tip is to plan to pre-order your Korea SIM card with many providers allowing you to pre-order up to days in advance. You may also want to consider checking the compatibility of your phone with the relevant Korean network through Will My Phone Work.

If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. What is the best SIM card in Korea for your visit? This question has different answers for different people. Costs are accurate as at 30 Marchbut are subject to fluctuation due to product pricing and exchange rate changes.

This article will be periodically updated to reflect the latest prices. Below is a comparison table of the data only SIM card options, click on the links to check out further information and to make your booking. Click here to pre-book through Klook. Click here to pre-book through Trazy.

Click here to pre-book through Trazy Unlimited Data. See further below in this article for SIM card pick-up locations. If you are planning to make local voice calls and send local messages while you are in South Korea, the SIM card available below through Trazy would be an excellent choice. For only a small extra cost compared to the data only cards it offers not only unlimited data, domestic voice calls and domestic SMS messages, but also has uncapped internet speed and greater day plan flexibility.

If you are planning to stay in South Korea for more than 30 days, the two SIM card options below are the best options to consider. While the first option on the surface appears to be more than twice the price of the second option, carefully consider the fact that the first option is much better value if you plan to use a lot of data.

Click here to pre-book through Trazy 12GB Data. Universal SIM card; unlock phone first Trazy. Card can be topped up. Click here to pre-book through Klook 2. Nano, micro or normal SIMs; unlock phone first Klook. Click here to pre-book through Klook 8 and 15 days — Unlimited data speed drops to Kbps after 4GB. Unlock phone first Klook. For specific details please check out the sections below.

Hi there! I wanted to know if its also convenient to buy the sim card at the airport itself? Hi, Trazy offers a separate sim card product which can be picked up in Jeju Island.

Data: Local Voice: 1. Tags from the story.This 3-week plan gives you minutes of domestic talk, unlimited domestic and international texting and unlimited data with up to 2GB 4G LTE. You can bring your own phone and we can provide the SIM card, service and new number. All Tourist plans are given a new U. Unfortunately, your existing number cannot be ported in. Unfortunately, you cannot recharge your plan, the account will only stay active for 21 days after initial activation.

You can log in to your account at my. Your Tourist plan automatically expires after 21 days, with no recharges and no plan switching to other Ultra Mobile plans. You can check your account balance by texting BAL to or by logging into your account at my.

Ready to get connected? The Tourist Plan is available at select T-Mobile locations. Have Questions? We Have Answers. Tourist Plan Can I transfer my existing phone number to my Tourist plan? How do I activate my Tourist plan? Can I recharge my Tourist plan? Can I make an international call using my Tourist plan? How can I change my contact email and preference for my account?

Is a credit check or deposit required for a Tourist plan? Tourist plans do not require a credit check or deposit to activate service. Where can I buy a Tourist plan? When does my plan expire? How do I check my account balance?Because the plans and setup are so similar, my previous reviews of the original T-Mobile plan have been left intact. Visitors to the United States can pick up a local SIM card and a decent prepaid plan at an affordable price. Both came with unlimited or a significant amount of domestic talk, unlimited global texts, and unlimited data.

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However, three features won me over to Roam Mobility:. Roam Mobility worked perfectly. As a result, I was able to get a front-row seat on set up and use. When Roam Mobility failed to deliver on my next U. The T-Mobile Tourist Plan worked flawlessly on both occasions. In the first scenario, my Australian friends were spending a week in New York City.

Then, they were heading up to Boston, and then Portland to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. The three-week tourist plan was a good fit for them. They purchased from the network provider, as opposed to a reseller or dealer.

T-Mobile has stores in most New York City neighbourhoods, and along the east coast, in the event service and support were needed. We dropped into a T-Mobile store in Harlem to get connected.

tourist sim

The Tourist Plan included:. In Aprilmy experience in San Francisco was similar. I walked out of the store with a network-connected phone. Between T-Mobile and an unlimited-use transit pass, exploring San Francisco was very affordable. The kit could be bought online, but it had to be purchased with a US credit card and shipped to a U. A more convenient option was to buy it at the point of arrival.

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Inmotion is a large airport-based electronics retailer, with a presence in major airports. I prefer LaGuardia for its proximity to public transportation and easier, less costly access to the five boroughs using a MetroCard. All before stepping outside the terminal.

An MVNO is a reseller for wireless communications services. For more information, Ultra Mobile has a handy list of questions and answers. Have you used Ultra Mobile Tourist Plan? If so, what was your experience? Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay. If I buy the kit at Inmotion, do I still need to go into a T mobile store to activate it? Thank you. Inmotion will get you up and running with set up and activation.Find your SIM Card number on the back of the product package or if you no longer have the product package, you can also find the SIM Card phone number from the plastic card.

Your product has been added to the basket. Continue shopping. Proceed to checkout. Travelling abroad doesn't have to be a strenuous and time consuming task Let us make it easy for you:. And get your card FAST with express delivery. TravelSim has more then 4. Certainly much cheaper than anything else we have looked at.

Front of package. Back of package. Plastic card. Stay safe, stay connected! Free eSIM now available! Insert discount code "25" in checkout page.

Start Here. Simply enter the first country where your journey starts. TravelSim has more than 4. Has data, so you can use the internet, emails, etc. Incoming calls cost you nothing. Incoming messages cost you nothing. Works in over countries.

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Get it quickly! We ship it to you by express, wherever you are in the world. Clear, easy-to-order-and-configure-and-use service, no hidden costs. Great for people on the go who need to keep connected while avoiding wasting time to find and setup a local SIM card in each country visited. If you are looking for a Sim card use TravelSim.

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I have two cards, used them several times, zero problems. It simply works. TravelSim is the best low cost airtime simcard in Europe. TravelSIM is very easy to use, offers global coverage, is generally good value, and is very convenient as you only need to travel with one SIM card.

Search Here. Choose the right card for you Best for frequent travellers to multiple destinations. International SIM. Low-cost calls, texts and data in over destinations. Best for calling, texting and data usage in USA. Low cost data plans. Best for travellers to specific regions.Maximum flexibility in the use of minutes, in Italy and towards foreign countries. Does your travel continue in other countries? TIM remains with you!

Those who purchased abroad the exclusive offer TIM Tourist, once arrived in Italy, must go to a TIM Store and show the Voucher with the personal identification code and an identity document. The TIM Store will carry out the standard procedures for activation: collecting documents, recognizing visually the customer and the presentation of the identity document e. Once the card is active, the offer TIM Tourist will be activated within 24 hours, at no extra costs.

The customer can withdraw from the purchase of the voucher, according to art. The activation of TIM Tourist offer related to the voucher cannot be made online, thus the customer knows that only by showing the Voucher at a TIM Shop in Italy the offer can be activated.

To discourage fraudulent practices, TIM reserves the right to carry out checks on the use of the PIN code; if within 96 hours from the withdrawal request the PIN is not used, TIM will cancel it and give back to the customer, within 14 days from the day when TIM is aware of the customer's decision to withdraw from the purchasewhat paid for the purchase of the Voucher.

Once the offer has been purchased and the withdrawal period has passed, the pin cannot be reimbursed, not even for non-use, but only for technical problems encountered by the point of sale during the activation phase of the offer. The national traffic minutes included in the offer are valid to all Italian and EU mobile and fixed numbers.

The minutes of international traffic included in the offer are valid from Italy to the countries listed above. Calls are charged per second and without answering trigger. Call set up fee response is 20 cent. Calls are paid in advance each 60 seconds.

Best SIM Card in Korea for Tourists for 2020

GB of traffic is calculated each unit rate of 1KB. Once finished the monthly GB bundle, if the customer has no other data option active, navigation in Italy is blocked. Data traffic due to the display of external links e. The International voice traffic from Italy to foreign countries, exceeding the minutes bundle, will be computed basing of the costs of TIM standard international rates available on www.

At the offer expiry date, the pieces of content that have not been used at the end of the 30 day period will be lost and the TIM Card will be used according to the tariff plan activated on the TIM card itself, or that of any current promotions, and according to the Use Regulations of the prepaid service currently in force.

No roaming costs, either to call or to receive. No connection fees. FAQ How do i buy the voucher? How do i activate the offer with the voucher? How can I withdraw from the purchase? TIM 4g Internet coverage The International voice traffic from Italy to foreign countries, exceeding the minutes bundle, will be computed basing of the costs of TIM standard international rates available on www.Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

The device delivers minimum speeds of kbps with average speed of 3. TravelSmart now! Get it free upon arrival at any international airport in the country. Claim it at any international airport in the country. What are the things we can still improve in the Smart website?

Let us know your thoughts so we can give you a better experience online. Valid for 12 days 8 GB of open access data P Valid for 30 days 12 GB of open access data P Country of Origin.

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Email Address. Arrival Date. Arrival Time. Frequently Asked Questions.

tourist sim

Romualdez Airport Caticlan — Godofredo P. Yes, you can. What if I need more credits? You may purchase load credits at any convenience store, mall, and mom and pop store called "sari sari store" in the local language wherever you are in the Philippines. You may also view our online store at store. No, but you may convert your prepaid load to an All-in-one Travel offer for free.

What are Smart Prepaid's regular rates? Yes, as long as your next trip is within 6 months. The SIM will be disconnected 6 months after your load credits expires. Which devices can I use this SIM with?

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Is tethering allowed? It comes precut in regular, micro, and nano sizes. If used with a smartphone, you can use it for hotspot tethering so you can share your data with other devices. Just be mindful of your data cap limit. For inquiries or concerns, you may reach our customer service representatives via these channels:. Send message to the Facebook page of Smart Communications.

Tweet us SmartCares. Subscribe to Newsletter Receive product and promo e-mail updates! We respect your privacy. Email Marketing by GetResponse. Answer our Survey What are the things we can still improve in the Smart website?Purchased Tim Tourist sim at Rome airport on arrival. The brand new plan for is supposed to be minutes talk time to almost anywhere and 15 GB data to use in Italy and the EU. Tim rep said no worries about recharging or cost per call in EU or to US.

In the first 2 days we made 4 short calls, 6 texts, and used MB of data. After leaving Malta on the 3rd day, the service stopped completely. No phone. No data.

tourist sim

No text. Just a recording in Italian whenever you tried to use the service. Tried customer service. Italian only. They hung us on us. Guess they expected tourists to learn Italian.

When we returned to Italy from Greece 6 days later, still no service. The man at the hotel translated, saying we used our credit and Tim wanted more money.

How could we use our credit when we were guaranteed minutes and 15 GB data. Hotel guy said Tim is very, very bad. Yes, we learned. My advice. Get your sim card from anyone else unless you want to be cheated out of 35 euros.

Tim at airport says they charge Captive audience].

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